Netflix has officially added Ordina as active user and contributor to their open source cloud and microservices tools and frameworks. Ordina continues to be a leading force in cloud and microservice architectures in the BeNeLux.

Netflix OSS

Since 2011, Netflix has been releasing more and more components of their cloud platform and utilities as free and open source software. These projects are available to the public through Netflix OSS.

Starting around 2009, Netflix completely redefined its application development and operations models. They were driven completely by APIs and riding the initial wave of what we would come to know as microservices. Industry onlookers derided the company with disbelief and uncertainty. While this may work with Netflix, no one else can possibly do this. Fast-forward to 2016, when most of those sentiments changed to commitments of active migration to microservices. The concept is definitely both valid and powerful.

Pivotal has embraced these technologies and made them approachable for the masses through the Java-based Spring ecosystem. In the Spring Cloud OSS program, an abstraction layer is added on top of Netflix’s components to ease adoption outside of Netflix. This allows local companies without silicon valley-grade scientists to embrace microservices and their benefits.

Ordina has successfully architected and implemented the Netflix and Spring Cloud stack at clients in Belgium. We continue to do so and are proud we can call ourselves Netflix OSS and Spring Cloud contributors. Netflix has added our logo to their contributors page for our continued adoption and contributions to the Netflix and Spring Cloud ecosystem.

Our expertise and experience using and contributing to the Netflix and Spring Cloud stack is second to none in the BeNeLux. We are always looking to help new or existing clients to migrate to microservices and make the step to Cloud Native architectures.

If this sounds interesting to your company, or these architectures personally excite you, make sure to contact us directly or take a look at

Andreas is a Principal Java consultant at Ordina, passionate about the Spring ecosystem, microservices, REST, clean code and best practices in general. An avid open source enthusiast and Spring contributor. Helps fellow developers as Competence Center leader for architecture and best practices by giving workshops, talks and courses about the newest technologies.