Ordina becomes Ionic Trusted Partner

Within the JWorks unit of Ordina, Jan De Wilde has been following Ionic framework since 2014. Jan goes way back in the world of frontend development and Ionic allowed him to use his knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create hybrid mobile applications.

Along the way of experimenting, evangelizing Ionic within the unit and promoting Ionic at our clients we have had the opportunity to build some amazing Ionic (1 & 2) applications for our clients. We strongly believe that Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps are the future and keep investing time in getting better in it and giving training to our employees.

Some time ago Ionic opened up the Trusted Partner Program and after applying with a motivational letter and a description of projects we did for our clients, we have been selected as a Trusted Partner.

What does Ionic say about Trusted Partners?

Ionic Trusted Partners are certified consulting agencies that we connect with businesses looking to jumpstart their Ionic app development.

– Source: https://ionic.io/trusted-partners

Ordina becomes Ionic Trusted Partner

Currently we work with both Ionic 1 and Ionic 2. We use technologies such as:

  • Firebase for realtime communication and data synchronization,
  • TypeScript and Webpack to organize our code,
  • and Karma, Jasmine and Protractor for testing.

As mobile devices are increasingly used in almost all organisations, it is important for businesses to better protect these systems through Enterprise Mobility Management.

By pushing Custom Device Policies to mobile devices via the EMM platform, administrators can control how these devices should behave within the organization, taking into account the already existing security rules. This can reduce the risk of data loss, unauthorized access and unapproved software installs on mobile devices with access to the company network.

Mobile security is not just something for very large enterprises, but is relevant to all types of businesses. So it is important to take this into account from the very beginning.

Want to work with us for your next mobile project? Or train your people to use Ionic? Contact Jan De Wilde.

A selection* of our projects

Proximus MyThings LoRa IoT Platform

For Proximus, a big telecom operator in Belgium we have created a portal to manage LoRa connected IoT sensors and an Ionic 1 application for the field engineers to onboard and configure sensors. First part of the application allows the field engineer to identify and install/onboard a sensor using a QR code scanner or via manual input of the MAC address. Sensor type, company, location with lat/lng detection is provided in the application. Second part of the application is the ability to adjust or replace an existing sensor. Third part is a view where active/inactive sensors are presented together with their properties and last sent data. All data is exposed using web services created in Spring Boot and data is stored in a Mongo DB cluster and MySQL instance. This application is publicly available in the app store, but only accessible for field engineers.

Proximus MyThings LoRa IoT Platform

Arcelor Mittal slab quality application

For Arcelor Mittal a steel processing company in Belgium we have created an application in Ionic 2 for quality assurance of the steel slabs that need to be processed. The application allows the quality assurer to look up a slab using a unique slab ID and check different properties such as: measurement, removal of edges, scarfing and cutting. The application integrates with web services provided by Arcelor Mittal and is privalely hosted by Arcelor Mittal.

Arcelor Mittal slab quality application

4411 Parking Application for the city of Charleroi

For the city of Charleroi we created an Ionic 1 application that allows the parking guard to identify which vehicles are not parked according to their neighborhood subscription. The parking guard needs to identify himself in order to look up license plate numbers in the zone they are active. As a additional POC we integrated with a service that enabled the parking guard to take pictures of a parked car to identify the license plate number, car type, color, etc. This application is privately hosted by 4411.

*Due to copyright, we are not able to display all Ionic projects.

Jan De Wilde is a Senior Frontend Developer at Ordina Belgium, focussed on building quality mobile/hybrid applications that are accessible on a big collection of devices. His favorite technologies are Ionic Framework, Angular and TypeScript. Jan is also Practice Manager for the Frontend Practice where he takes care of the development and coaching of employees.