Next week, on the 5th of October 2016, the JWorks Business Unit of Ordina will organize its yearly JOIN event. The purpose of this event is to share knowledge between colleagues and fellow Java, JVM, JavaScript, Cloud and DevOps enthusiasts. Last year, a total of 83 attendees visited Ordina Belgium’s headquarters in Mechelen to learn and talk about the hottest technology trends and developments. This year we expect to have more than 100 attendees, and what’s most exciting is that the event is completely free of charge and everyone is invited. Food and drinks are provided (including a barbecue).

JOIN 2016 Schedule

JOIN 2016 Schedule

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

10AM - 12AM - Docker for Java Developers - Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta

Arun has been an avid Docker user for many years and is also one of the Docker Captains, among being a Java Champion and JUG leader. He will bring us a very informative talk about the current state of Docker and how Java Developers can get started with Docker in no time.

We’re very much looking forward to this one!

During another talk he will talk about Couchbase, the product company he’s working for at the moment.

More information about Arun in his Docker Community Spotlight.

5PM - 6PM - The Google Cloud Platform - Koen Maes

Koen Maes

Koen Maes provides expert advice and development services for Google Cloud Platform and related products. He is a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer & partner and has been working in the software industry since the early nineties and with web/Internet technology since its inception. He designed key applications for several large corporations as well as running a handful of startups of his own, some more successful than others. Since his first encounters with AppEngine in 2009, he never looked back and has been specializing in Google Cloud Platform ever since.

We are currently working for one of our customers on a large scale greenfield microservices system in the Google Cloud Platform, so this will be especially interesting for us.

6PM - 7PM - Reactive Programming - Stephane Maldini

Stephane Maldini

A multi-tasker eating tech 24/7, Stephane is interested in cloud computing, data science and messaging. Leading the Reactor Project, Stephane Maldini is on a mission to help developers create reactive and efficient architectures on the JVM and beyond. He is also one of the main contributors for Reactive support in the upcoming Spring 5 framework.

David Karnok, RxJava project lead, identifies the Reactor project as the new standard for reactive applications in the Java world. Most of the developers in our JWorks unit are using Spring (as opposed to JEE), so this talk is going to be very interesting.

7PM - 8PM - TypeScript: enjoying large scale browser development - Joost De Vries

Joost De Vries

Joost De Vries is one of our Dutch colleagues at Codestar. He will talk about TypeScript and how it enables development of large scale front end applications.

You can find him on Twitter and Github.



We have foreseen food and drinks during the conference and we will end the night with something special.

We hope and believe it will make everyone very happy! Another reason to JOIN us @Ordina, the 5th of October:

  • Morning reception:
    • Coffee or Tea
    • Mini biscuits and chocolates
  • Lunch:
    • Luxury sandwiches & subs with salads, French cheese, grey shrimp, prawns or Parma ham
    • Viking bread with smoked salmon
    • Grilled chicken wraps
    • Vegetarian options also available
  • Afternoon coffee break:
    • Coffee or Soda
    • Candy bars or fruit salad
  • Dinner:
    • BBQ
    • Marinated prawn (scampi)
    • Greenway balls (vegetarian)
    • Spicy chipolatas
    • Marinated chicken satés
    • Steak chimichurri cut and grilled à la minute
    • Coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potato salad, mix of salads, red onions and olives
    • Bread, potatoes and sauces

Dieter is a Principal Java Consultant at Ordina, passionate about all Java- and JavaScript related technologies. Aside from his day-to-day occupation as a consultant, he helps fellow developers as a Competence Leader for the Cloud & PaaS Competence Center by giving workshops, talks and courses about the newest technologies. In his spare time, Dieter enjoys playing soccer, running, (online) gaming and fiddling around with all kinds of fancy new software.